WS Steel


Steinbach, MB

Project Description:

WS Steel is a custom full-service metal fabrication shop with over 95,000 sqft of operating space.
WS Steel added two UAS SFC dust collectors to bring their total to four UAS collectors with a total of 228 cartridges and over 58,000 sqft of media. The dust collectors clean the air from the manufacturing facility through a combination of source capture (Arms and grinding tables) and ambient collection.


Supplied by AirSys for WS Steels Plant Expansion.
UAS SFC 60-5 with One (1) NYB SWSI Fan (7,500 CFM)
UAS SFC 80-5 with Two (2) NYB SWSI CLIV Fans (20,000 CFM)
UAS 8″ x 12′ Source Capture Arms
UAS Remote Downdraft Grinding Table

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