About Us

AirSys Tech Inc. is a leader in the consulting, design and supply of air movement, ventilation equipment, air  filtration, material handling and finishing systems.

AirSys has assembled an extensive product line to provide its customers with the best possible equipment. AirSys philosophy of customer driven relationships and trying to find the best solution whenever possible has helped it to grow as a leader in its field.

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AirSys Tech Inc. will be a leading turnkey solutions provider of high performing, reliable and safe air movement, air cleaning, ventilation and finishing systems.

Mission Statement

To build a company that glorifies God in all ways, while supplying our customers with superior equipment, products and services. The ultimate goal is to provide our partners and AirSys with lasting relationships and opportunities which are profitable, rewarding, growth-orientated and kingdom focused.

We will treat others as we want to be treated; treating all persons with respect, fairness, and with the utmost of integrity; caring for and listening to them; serving them to the best of our abilities both personally and professionally; always being a model of working hard and striving toward excellence.


Environment: We hold the highest standard to the environment by providing clean air systems and a reduced carbon footprint to assure that our future generation has a greener planet.

Customer: We listen to our customers to improve their profitability while improving our products and services to meet present and future needs.

People: We are an employer of choice with high-performing people working together in a safe and healthy workplace where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognized.

Accountability: We expect superior performance and are accountable for our actions and results. Our leaders set clear goals and expectations, are supportive, and provide and seek frequent feedback.

Citizenship: We support the communities where we do business, hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility, and attempt to communicate openly with all people.

Financial Responsibility: We are prudent and effective in the use of the resources entrusted to us to create profitable value.

Partnership: We provide lasting relationships and opportunities which are profitable, rewarding and growth-orientated.

Beliefs: Our corporate values are driven by our leadership teams foundation in the belief of Christ.