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The leader in the consulting, design and supply of air movement, ventilation, air filtration and air conveyance equipment.

AirSys Tech Inc. - has assembled an extensive product line to provide its customers with the best possible equipment.

We have assembled an extensive product line to provide its customers with the best possible equipment. AirSys philosophy of customer driven relationships and trying to find the best solution whenever possible has helped it to grow as a leader in its field.

Air Movement

Industrial fans and blowers, regenerative blowers, duel stage blowers, ventilators, panel fans, FRP construction, pressure blowers the list go on. Blowers come in all designs, arrangements, and discharges. AirSys has worked to assemble the best of the best when it comes to air movement.

Fans can be constructed of a multitude of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP. Coated and painted any color or with any combination to achieve the desired result.

AirSys uses NYB (The New York Blower Company) as its primary supplier of Air Movement Equipment.

Air Filtration

Often seen as more a nuisance more than anything, air filtration can be a vital part of any system. Designed properly it can often help prevent shutdowns, increase productivity and make maintenance easier and more cost effective.

With a bad design or the wrong equipment, what started as a minor problem can become a nightmare. AirSys represents some of the best manufacturers in the market. With equipment to collect almost any dust that can be collected. With 25 years of dust collection experience and manufactures with over a hundred years backing us up, we can help solve your dust challenges. AirSys options for Dust, Mist and Fume Collection in any format imaginable from Large Baghouse to Cartridge Collectors to portable collectors.


Ventilation equipment such as proper make-up air or exhaust is vital for a proper HVAC system. Commercial Kitchen ventilation can often be a nightmare that needs to be solved.

With multiple options for make-up air units, exhaust fans and exhaust hoods, air turnover equipment, commercial and industrial heaters we can help you find the right solution to your ventilation needs.


Clamp together or quick fit ducting has quickly become the option for choice for more organizations. Allowing easy change and reduced installation costs it is a great option for many applications.

AirSys can offer multiple options in material types and weights. 

One option often overlooked is fabric air diffusers to allow for quiet and user-friendly air distribution.

AirSys can help with many options for getting air to and from where it’s needed.

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AirSys has worked over the years to build long term relationships with its customers and its suppliers.

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